Vacancy Board Members

Vacancy Board Members

With long-term board members looking to retire the Epilepsy Foundation is seeking to fill two positions and increase the size and diversity of our board.

Ideal Applicant Description

Board members will have a passion for supporting people with epilepsy and will bring energy, and enthusiasm to the role, along with a commitment to contributing to the Epilepsy Foundation’s future growth.

This is a voluntary role, if you are not based within driving distance from Auckland, support to attend meetings will be provided, some teleconference attendance at board meetings is also considered. Directors are also expected to contribute outside of meetings according to their skillset and field of expertise, and to represent the Epilepsy Foundation in business and community settings.

Applicants should have governance, not-for-profit, health, disability, community or management experience to be able to actively participate in board decision-making, including the ability to offer sound judgement.  A productive network to help us strengthen opportunities for the Epilepsy Foundation would also be valuable.

Time commitment: 2-3 hours per month plus four meetings a year

Remuneration: Unpaid

Application Process

Please send your CV or Bio, and cover letter to or contact Letticia on 09 5735772 for more information.

About Us

Epilepsy is a neurological condition which causes a person to have seizures. These are caused by the usual brain activity suddenly being interrupted by a burst of uncontrolled firing somewhere in the brain. Some people have mild Epilepsy and it doesn’t greatly inconvenience them but others have their lives dramatically altered by the condition.

The Epilepsy Foundation, established almost 30 years ago, works towards creating awareness of Epilepsy in New Zealand through information and support services for people with Epilepsy and their families.  As a registered charity the Epilepsy Foundation is directed by a board of governors that provide support and oversight.

Current services offered have a psycho-social focus with a goal of improving the emotional wellbeing of the people we work with, that has a flow-on effect of reducing stress which can impact on their physical health and ability to manage seizures.

The key services currently provided include:

  • Free counselling sessions for people with epilepsy and their families
  • Creative therapy classes, currently in Auckland, we are looking for opportunities to expand this service into other regions
  • Awareness events – speakers, attendance at community events etc.