Bespoke Jewellery bring $100,000 of sparkle to Seize Life

Bespoke Jewellery bring $100,000 of sparkle to Seize Life

Every event needs a point of difference and the Foundation was delighted to entertain the idea put forward by manufacturing jeweller Beau Bate of Bespoke Jewellery. One might expect creativity from the mind of a manufacturing jeweller who brings to life peoples idea’s through his amazing bespoke creations, and this was a gem. Beau suggested that $100,000’s worth of diamonds, on display and up for auction may attract attention. And so it did!

With tight security and military precision the merchandize arrived on site, this exercise alone, more James Bond than Get Smart, was exciting. The auctioneers hammer came down three times selling three of the five diamonds that were available. Further items sold were of two magnificent pendent’s Beau had created for Seize Life, one sapphire the other emerald.

Nestled in the foothills of the Maungakawa ranges, minutes from central Cambridge, Bespoke Jewellers offer a warm and extremely welcoming environment for clients. Here they express themselves, and collaboratively design their own bespoke piece.

A journey to Maungakawa is well worth the effort, while he is designing her jewellery, she can join Chelsea and receive an excellent beauty and spa experience at Bespoke Beauty & Spa.

Many thanks, to Beau and Chelsea Bate for their total immersion into the Seize Life project fully supporting people living with epilepsy.