How are we funded

Over a period of years, donations and fundraising activities have allowed the Epilepsy Foundation to establish a capital fund which has been invested to provide an income to assist those living with Epilepsy. This income is only a small percentage of the funds required to implement programs for people living with epilepsy throughout New Zealand.  You can help us now through:


Donations allow us to continue to provide support, we are always surprised and inspired by the many people and groups who choose us.  We find that while often donations are received from people with lived experience and from their families and friends who are also impacted. But also the wider community supports us from schools, workplaces and companies who recognise a need and decide to help.

All donations are gratefully received and can be offered by clicking the button below.

Leaving a Gift in your Will

Many people like to include a gift to our organisation in their will knowing that this creates a legacy to people living with epilepsy that is both enduring and reassuring.  If support of people with epilepsy has been important in your life or the life of a family member or friend and you would like more information please contact us, or discuss options with your lawyer

To receive further information in making a donation or bequest please email

Funding Applications

Along with many other charities, the Epilepsy Foundation also applies for funding through the conventional channels available to ‘not for profit’ organisations.


For those wanting to support people living with epilepsy and have a close affinity with the Foundation, a lifelong membership option is available. A membership fee of one thousand dollars ensures you will be kept updated and informed of all activities via the Foundation newsletter and allows you to attend the AGM. Members are highly valued at the Foundation with many adding services in kind also in support.

Fundraising Projects

Fundraising projects for all ages of people living with epilepsy will be implemented. These activities both regional and national can be found on the projects page. Projects will be directed at various levels of society all of which will have people living with epilepsy in their age category. This will include schools, small business, corporate CBD and rest homes.