NZ Epilepsy Assist Dogs Trust

dogeditNZ Epilepsy Assist Dogs Trust (NZEADT) formed in 2000 is a charitable organisation that trains and places dogs free of charge with people who have severe Epilepsy.

Their well trained dogs have full public access (under the Dog Control Act 1996) and assist their recipients to lead a happier and safer life both at home and in public places.

NZ Epilepsy Assist Dogs Trust Commitment

NZEADT is committed to providing an excellent service to their recipients by matching the dog to the person and providing professional one to one training. Recipients receive regular follow-up for the life of their dog, once the dog / recipient team has graduated to ensure that their needs are being met and to continue assisting them with any further training requirements.

NZ Epilepsy Assist Dogs Trust Training Standards

NZEADT trains dogs to a high standard for the benefit and well-being of the recipient, the general public and the dog. As a minimum they use the following national and international organisations guidelines as a minimum standard.

  1. Assistance Dogs International Inc
  2. Animal Welfare (Dogs) Code of Welfare 2010
  3. International Association of Assistance Dog Partners

Public Access

While all their dogs have full public access under the Dog Control Act 1996 and are allowed to accompany the recipient, trainer or foster carer in all areas normally disallowed by dogs, the dogs must be wearing an official NZEADT coat and the person must carry NZEADT identification.

You may make a donation online by depositing directly to their Bank Account. New Zealand Epilepsy Assist Dogs Trust 12-3048-0380122-00

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